Paul Gregory: What Can A Republican Senate Majority Do For Ukraine?

The Republicans’ victory in the mid-term elections gives them control of the U.S. Senate and a greater voice in foreign policy. With a Republican senate majority, legislation opposed by Obama’s Democratic anti-war wing can

Taavi Minnik: The End of Putin’s Novorossiya Project

Odd things happened at our Eastern neighbour in the year of 2014. This year has brought ‘Novorossiya’ back into the Russian consciousness – the term largely forgotten for the last four generations and actually

Paul Gregory: Putin Is Winning: EU Backs Away From Ukraine Trade Pact; U.S. On The Sidelines

Vladimir Putin watches the evening news from his Sochi villa: “In an election move, Barack Obama approved the Keystone pipeline and opened offshore public land to drilling. Mexico’s Pemex announced a 50 percent increase

Paul Gregory: As The Sanctions’ Noose Tightens, China Grabs Russian Energy Assets At Bargain Prices

When I wrote on August 28 that “Western sanctions are strangling the Russian economy,” I had second thoughts about using such strong language. Events of the last two weeks convince me, however, that I