Taavi Minnik: Putin the Gambler

Vladimir Putin’s address to the UN General Assembly on 28 September generated a great deal of anticipation, because speculations about the exact content of the Russian leader’s speech had started several months before that.

Paul Gregory: Russia And The Separatists Aren’t On The Same Page

Vladimir Putin’s military operations have stretched Moscow’s military to its limits. Russia has mobilized forces from all parts of the Russian Federation for its southeast Ukraine operations. As Putin shifts his attention to shoring

Taavi Minnik: Ukraine’s Sin and Mess in the Middle East

Both Ukrainian and Western media have recently voiced an opinion that Ukraine has become a bargaining chip between the great powers in the Middle East issues. To put it simply, in exchange for Russia’s

Igor Kopytin: Skirmishes, Russian Propaganda and Apathy of OSCE Monitors

Right Sector has become a fear factor in the Russian propaganda and its members are called right-wing radicals, fascists and Banderites of the cruellest sort who kill Russian women and children. Allegedly, they even