Taavi Minnik: One year after the second Ukrainian revolution: will Euromaidan avoid the failure of the Orange Revolution?

In February 2015 one full year will pass after the victory of the revolution in Ukraine which was one of the poorest and most corrupt nations in continental Europe before the events on Maidan

Paul Gregory: Peace In Ukraine By Appeasing Putin? Refuting The Ill-Informed Proposal

Two Washington policy wonks propose an appeasement policy that would doom Ukraine and give Putin a huge victory over the West, while offering no tangible benefits. Their “win-win-win” policy is based on a fundamental

Paul Gregory: What Can A Republican Senate Majority Do For Ukraine?

The Republicans’ victory in the mid-term elections gives them control of the U.S. Senate and a greater voice in foreign policy. With a Republican senate majority, legislation opposed by Obama’s Democratic anti-war wing can

Taavi Minnik: The End of Putin’s Novorossiya Project

Odd things happened at our Eastern neighbour in the year of 2014. This year has brought ‘Novorossiya’ back into the Russian consciousness – the term largely forgotten for the last four generations and actually