Paul Gregory: The Nemtsov Murder Investigation: A Battle Of Leaks

The Nemtsov murder is part of a power struggle within Putin’s power vertical. The investigation will likely determine implausibly that it was planned and executed by low-level Chechen thugs, acting on their own out

Paul Gregory: Kerry Delivers Hot Air Speech To Ukraine While Putin Supplies Tanks, Missiles And Troops

Secretary of State John Kerry’s remarks in Kiev yesterday must have boosted spirits in the Kremlin. Ukraine expected to hear that the United States is stepping up to the plate to provide defensive weapons

Taavi Minnik: One year after the second Ukrainian revolution: will Euromaidan avoid the failure of the Orange Revolution?

In February 2015 one full year will pass after the victory of the revolution in Ukraine which was one of the poorest and most corrupt nations in continental Europe before the events on Maidan

Paul Gregory: Peace In Ukraine By Appeasing Putin? Refuting The Ill-Informed Proposal

Two Washington policy wonks propose an appeasement policy that would doom Ukraine and give Putin a huge victory over the West, while offering no tangible benefits. Their “win-win-win” policy is based on a fundamental