Taavi Minnik: Russian journalist: For the Russian society “withdrawal” will be a painful but necessary experience, but for the incumbent regime it will be fatal

The neutralisation of free and independent media was among the first steps taken by Putin’s regime to consolidate its power. Two years ago Sasha Sotnik, a Russian opposition journalist and political writer who wanted

Taavi Minnik: Russian defence analyst: We are not going to see Armata tanks in Tallinn, the Kremlin will use soft power instead

Alexander Sytin, former research fellow at the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies and the current president of the Northern and Eastern European Politics Research Centre, talks with Estonian historian Taavi Minnik about the imperial

Paul Gregory: The Ultimate Putin Sympathizer: Germany’s Ex-Chancellor Helmut Schmidt

Former German Chancellor (“Alt Kanzler”) Helmut Schmidt appeared on the Sandra Maischberger interview show on Germany’s Channel 1 (ARD) to express his views of the world at age 96. Schmidt served as German chancellor from 1974 to

Paul Gregory: The Nemtsov Murder Investigation: A Battle Of Leaks

The Nemtsov murder is part of a power struggle within Putin’s power vertical. The investigation will likely determine implausibly that it was planned and executed by low-level Chechen thugs, acting on their own out